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Survival Gear Features:

You get separated from your camping group and you need to signal for help. You're stranded and dependent only on what you are carrying with you.  What do you always have?  Your paracord bracelet!  A stylish piece of multifunctional emergency gear that can be carried with you at all times. 

• Compass • Emergency Whistle • Flint fire starter with scraper.
• Scraper can be used as a knife.
• The weave bracelet can quickly adjust to 7-9.5 feet of rope (depending on size)

Fantastic gear! I recently hiked a 14er in Colorado and decided to try this brand. I was looking for quality, light-weight gear and this company definitely delivered. I have a couple of friends in my hiking meetup that have also order form this company, good quality.

Stephanie Brooks-Smith

Great customer service! Bought a bracelet for me and my son before hiking the PCT. We primarily used the fire starter, excellent quality.

Taylor Hicks

Love this company! I've been following them on instagram and decided to buy the collar and bracelet bundle for me and my hiking pup, Bruno. Love how light the gear is and the bright colors. 

Alexis Ramirez

This company makes gear that's fashionable and functional. Fast Shipping! I will be hiking the mountain of North Georgia with my bracelet.

Emory Gilree